LONDON: The British Afghan community is growing and rising fast to the challenge to play an active and influential role in the political, economic and social affairs of Great Britain.

One of the rising stars of the British Afghan community in the British political arena is the talented and young leader, Shabnam Nasimi.

Highly educated with a degree in law and a master in security and global governance along with a strong track record of working within local communities and on international issues, Shabnam is the ideal political asset any political party would wish to have.

And luckily for the Conservative Party, they have got her. A young and strong woman with a diverse background that global Britain needs to build its bridges within its communities, a rising Asia and the world.

Shabnam is the founder and leader of the Conservative Friends of Afghanistan, an influential group within the ruling conservative party that pursues stronger ties between the Conservative Party, British Afghans and Afghanistan, making friends for our community and Afghanistan at a time when Afghanistan is faced with many enemies.

Shabnam Nasimi | Twitter

Shabnam is not just an asset for the Conservative Party but also a firebrand exemplary personality that the British Afghan community needs.

Shabnam’s strong conservative views, her pride in Britain and her respect for her roots in Asia and Afghanistan, makes her an ideal citizen and leader of modern multicultural and global Britain as well as a great example for our sons and daughters facing numerous issues around identity. She has proven that you can be a proud conservative British citizen as well as of Asian origin and Muslim background.

Shabnam is also crushing many stereotypes and attitudes that many in Britain and within other ethnic minority communities held about British citizens of Afghan origin. She has shown that British Afghans are no longer the refugee communities who fled wars, spoke broken English and did unskilled jobs. The new breed of British Afghans are the cream of British South Asians and Central Asians. They are out to lead and their journey has just began.

Shabnam like most Afghans, can probably better understand and better connect with people of Indian origin as well as Pakistani. Bangladeshi as well as Iranian. Uzbek as well as Tajik, Balochs, Kashmiris and Pashtuns. She knows their history, their languages and their culture. A quality that can help her gel the divide among the political workers of the conservative party as well as our communities when politics outside Britain affect our people at home.

Shabnam Nasimi / Twitter

When asked by Afghan Diaspora Magazine for this article profiling Shabnam, Afghan Council of Great Britain’s chairman, Dr Mohammad Hotak said:

“I have heard Shabnam’s motto is ‘A Woman’s Place Is In Parliament’. What I can say is that Shabnam’s place is in parliament. That is what we want and I hope we succeed. Will be great for Conservatives, Britain and our people.”

This is exactly the spirit of our youth and young leaders. A strong determination and with no doubt to lead the nation that they love and want to give back to the country that is making the British dream come true for so many of us.

This is also the spirit that Shabnam has and what makes her stand out is also the fact that she is the daughter of a great intellectual and a community leader father, who has been serving the most disadvantaged people in our communities throughout London for decades.

This is an important aspect of Shabnam’s life that she is not the daughter of some warlord, a corrupt minister or loyalist diplomat serving an immoral autocratic leader. Neither is she a parasitic opportunist like those who serve in British agencies one day and another country’s government the next.

This is what makes the British Afghan community proud of Shabnam’s achievements, her hardwork and a strong stand to stay clear of dirty politics in Afghanistan or be used by them.

The British Afghan community is ready to make its mark and in politics, Shabnam is our girl.