LONDON: Renowned British Afghan doctor and Scottish Afghan community leader Dr Qudrat Ullah has joined the Afghan Council of Great Britain’s advisory board to raise the voice and concerns of Afghans from Scotland in the political capital of the country.

Dr Qudrat Ullah is an inspiring healthcare professional, veteran community leader and a real change maker for the British Afghan community and the people of Scotland.

He is a consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Qudrat Ullah

Speaking on the occasion, founding director of Afghan Council of Great Britain, Mr Saif Qazizada said,

“It is such an honour to have Dr Qudrat Ullah to join our advisory board. He can truly guide us on the issues facing British Afghans in general and Scottish Afghans in particular.”

Mr Qazizada added that similar to the situation in the country where London seems disconnected from the rest of the nation, as we saw with Brexit. “It is also true that the Afghans in London are disconnected from understanding the influence, importance and role of Afghans from Scotland and the north of the country. Therefore, we are bringing personalities from the rest of the country to the forefront to fight for the interests of our community in United Kingdom and not just London, which has traditionally been the case.”

Dr Qudrat Ullah currently leads Afghan Association of Healthcare Professionals in United Kingdom as its chairman and is a member of the board of director of Scottish Afghan Society. He is a strong advocate for community empowerment, the fight against mental health and helping Afghanistan build a stronger healthcare system.