Afghan Council of Great Britain is led by its board of directors, executive committee and advisory council. The board of directors provides strategic direction and oversight. The advisory council provides strategic advice on matters concerning the council and the management committee is responsible for everyday operations of the organisation.


Dr Mohammad Hotak is a doctor turned entrepreneurship and social leader. He is one of Britain’s most promising young Asian leaders and European Afghan community’s most prominent personality. Dr Hotak is a visionary on a mission, who is constantly looking for solutions for the problems our society and ethnic minority communities face in the west. He is the first person in the history of European Afghans to build some of the most famous organisations that exist today in the western world and sits on the board of and chairs World Afghan Congress, British Afghan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Afghan Business Association UK, Hotak Healthcare, British Digital Chamber and Invest In Great Britain.

Dr Hotak is a renowned speaker on Afghan diaspora, role of ethnic minorities in the west, trade, investment, innovation, socail entrepreneurship and multisectoral leadership in academia, think-tanks, conferences and media across Europe and America. He holds an MBChB in Medicine from Leeds Medical School and executive education qualifications in International Organisation Management, Globalisation and Leadership from United States and France.

At the council, he leads on the organisation’s strategy and governance board.


Mr Saif Qazizada is a highly qualified management executive and comes from a strong background in the information technology sector. He has worked as a cyber security expert with global information technology firms such as Computer Science Corporation (CSC), International Business Machines (IBM), healthcare giant BUPA and financial sector multinational corporation KPMG. He is an entrepreneur, expert consultant and adviser on information and cyber security, incident handling, compliance and audit, networking, system administration, security architecture and forensic computing.

Furthermore, Mr Qazizda is the Founder of Qazizada Consulting, President of Help Afghan Orphan Children, Director of Afghana Foundation, Afghan Business Association UK and advisory board member at British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and World Afghan Congress. He holds a B.Sc in computing, an M.Sc in internet security and speaks six different languages.

At the council, he leads on the organisation’s strategy, partnerships and governance board.


Ruqeia Ahmadi is a young and rising leader of the British Afghan community from Yorkshire, and a strong advocate for civil rights, the rights of ethnic minorities, youth and the role of women as leaders in Britain. She is the youngest member of the board of directors at the council.

She comes from a strong academic and professional background in Law. She has worked for Lyons Davidson Solicitors in Leeds and currently works at the top corporate national law firm, Shulmans LLP. She is also an adviser to the British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on corporate law, trade, investment and business.

Ms Ahmadi holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from University of Sheffield, School of Law, and also a Master of Laws (LLM) in Legal Practice from BPP University, and was awarded the Sheffield Graduate Award for her outstanding achievements.

At the council, she leads the organisation’s strategy and governance board on legal and women affairs.


Mr Sherzad is a talented and passionate business leader with over 15 years of experience in business, international trade and SMEs. He has extensive experience in imports and exports, retail and farming industry. Mr Sherzad has been the visionary, business development and marketing mind behind the success of Sherzad Group of Companies. He is an independent business consultant on British Afghan business, a prominent member of the British Afghan community and member of the board of directors for Afghana Foundation and Afghan Business Association UK.  He is fluent in English, Italian, Pashto, Dari and Urdu.

At the council he leads the organisation’s strategy and governance board on small and medium sized businesses.


Mr Salman Naziri is a highly proactive, successful and visionary young British Afghan and British Asian leader of the community based in Yorkshire, who has played a key role in leading important initiatives to serve the community, support entrepreneurship and increase bilateral trade and economic exchange between Afghanistan and Great Britain.

He is the founder of a number of food and hospitality industry startups, the visionary behind Afghan Business Association UK (ABA), the leading association of businesses owned by British Afghans, director of Afghana Foundation and the mind behind Buy From Afghanistan, the biggest private sector trade program between UK and Afghanistan.

Mr Naziri holds a bachelors degree in Computing with Networking. At the council he leads the organisation’s strategy and activities on Yorkshire and the Humber.


Mr Hasan Khan Nasir

Prof Abbas Najafi

Dr Arezo Rahmani

Mr Bahram Aryanfar

Dr Baljeet Singh

Mr Abdul Matin Wardak

Mr Abdul Samad Baloch

Mr Salim Khan Durrani

Farhad Hotak

Dr Rahmanullah Sadaat