Dear Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary,

We write to you as a community organisation defending the rights, liberties and interests of British citizens of Afghan ancestry, to urge you to prioritise and act immediately on evacuation and resettlement of British citizens left behind, their immediate family members and vulnerable relatives from Afghanistan to fulfil your legal and political responsibility in a safe, sustainable and moral way in line with the values of our beloved country Great Britain.

We urge the Government to immediately evacuate and resettle the vulnerable families of British Afghans as a priority. Here is why:

  1. Councils are currently lobbying the Government to ensure that resources and plans are in place for the Afghan refugees. By prioritising vulnerable families of British Afghans you are ensuring that this group of refugees will have accommodation ready and arranged by their British Afghan relatives. This, will alleviate existing pressure on Councils and the Government won’t need to pay for it.
  2. Having Tax paying relatives will ensure this group of Refugees who come to UK have a hardworking and tax paying citizen as example and inspiration to lead by. Their British relatives will help them integrate into our society, help them find a job and ensure they too become tax paying members of the British community. Both Afghan Council of Great Britain and Afghan Business Association UK are working in partnership on this approach as part of their “Integration Of New Afghans” policy.
  3. The British Afghan community has been hit with the feeling of complete betrayal by the UK Government. If it was any other community let down like this by the Government, they too would feel the same betrayal. The British Afghans cannot be expected to continue living and working as second class citizens if they feel their vulnerable families have been abandoned by the Government. Prioritising their vulnerable families at risk of violence, torture and genocide will play a major role in citizen appreciation and avoid a lamentable decline of the integrity of Government.
  4. Despite the “warm welcome” campaign, tensions remain high amongst most British Citizens speculating about this influx of “unknown” refugees and pressure on public services despite the fact that resettlement of 20,000 Afghans over 5 years compared to 300,000 from Hong Kong is a drop in the ocean. Prioritising vulnerable families of British Citizens will address these concerns as these refugees are vulnerable relatives of the tax paying British Citizen and community will support the new arrivals instead of the government.
  5. British Afghan Citizens are currently supporting their vulnerable relatives in Afghanistan by monthly transferring thousands of pounds of their hard-earned money across to them. This is money that is directly leaving the UK economy and going to Afghanistan. Prioritising vulnerable relatives of British Afghans will ensure this hard-earned money remains in the UK, supports people in here and grows our British economy during these difficult financial times.

I await your actions and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours Sincerely,

Susan Mateen,

Head of Campaigns

Afghan Council of Great Britain