LONDON: The rising community of British Afghans in United Kingdom means that UK is experiencing a new generation of talented, confident and avant-garde young visionaries on a mission to shape the future of this country.

Marina Khan, the young and creative designer out to disrupt and redefine the East meets West fashion belongs to this new breed of British Afghans.

Just like Britain and Afghanistan, the melting pots of people, ideas and cultures, Marina is a melting pot of talents.

Marina is a designer with creativity, an entrepreneur with a vision, a humanitarian leading charitable causes to help others and a psychologist fighting mental health issues.

Unlike the boring partisan politicians and academics of our community, she has a far more interesting and dynamic story.

Marina is the founder of Avizeh, a jewellery and clothing brand bringing traditional Afghan style and blending it with western fashion, resulting in mind-blowing beauty and creativity.

Avizeh, which means pendant in Dari, brings the rich cultural heritage of jewellery making and clothing from Afghanistan, the heart of ancient silk road to the fashion and ethically conscious consumers of UK and Europe.

Some of the most fascinating ideas and collections of Avizeh are presented by Marina in the person of figures such as the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the revolutionary Frida Kahlo, the Tibetan deity and more contemporary styles.

Avizeh / FB
Avizeh / FB
Avizeh / FB
Avizeh / FB

Marina is a prime example of the new generation of British Afghans. Young, confident and responsible, contributing to both country and our community with the best of both Afghanistan and Britain.

She is the ideal role model for the future generations of our community for decades to come. She represents the unique identity of modern British Afghan community. British, Afghan and proud.

To read more and learn about the great work that Marina Khan is doing, please visit her website here.