British Afghan Citizens are struggling to get their vulnerable Afghan families out of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I am one of those British Afghans. The situation is very concerning and extremely disappointing considering we (British Afghans) are paying taxes that fund the Defence and Military budget. To state it frankly, those Taxes have funded our presence in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, and today the Government, the Home Office and MOD send us automated messages as our “vulnerable” relatives remain fugitives in Afghanistan.Susan Mateen 

The Government needs to act urgently and address British Afghans in our situation. Paying taxes to the Government and risking our lives as key-workers for the Government should at least allow us to save our “vulnerable” families and loved ones. We cannot be expected to live normal lives and continue working if it is too late to get help for our loved ones. If it was your family or loved one, what would you expect from the Government?

The Government, the Home Office, The Foreign Office and the MOD have all failed not just the people of Afghanistan but it has also betrayed British Citizens and their families. It is unforgivable and we request you to support us in asking the government to urgently evacuate and resettle the families of British Afghans as a priority.